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Inclusive of age groups 6 to adult


Sokhazania is a quick-paced multiplayer board game that simulates the excitement and tension of a football match in 15 minutes of game time. A roll of the dice drives players closer to scoring goals, making saves or losing the ball when their dice throw bounces outside the boxed frame.
Sokhazania’s uniquely designed box doubles as a football stadium with embedded slots for the scoring system. Each player must make strategic choices based on risk calculation and knowing when to go with their intuition. Ball possession and scoring goals are the main objectives.
The grid on the board facilitates the movement of the ball across the field, while dice numbers guide the player’s positioning. By incorporating the basics of football strategy and gameplay with elements of luck and randomness, players get to experience the beautiful game, without getting kicked in the shin.
Collectable cards with the national flags and geographical statistics of each country also provide players with insightful facts and figures. An international expansion pack with 40 cards representing football playing nations can be used to simulate global tournaments or other unique game plays.
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