The playing field

When you take the lid off the box, the playing field is revealed. The sides are raised and make provision for the scorekeeping system. The player who gets the first kickoff becomes Player 1 for the duration of the contest and gets to choose between playing on the red or blue tracks.

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Playing pieces

A set of 12 cardboard cutout balls are supplied and one six-sided dice. The football players are represented as nodes on the playing field.

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Scoring Keeping System

Two sets of scorecards for goals scored (0-10) and matches won (0-10) are supplied to each player. The scorekeeping cards have 2 numbers printed on each card which first gets rotated and then placed at the back of the stack as goals are scored or matches won.

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International Expansion Pack

40 country cards are included with basic geographical info of the countries. These can be used instead of the Matches Won scorecards.

It allows for playing your own World Cup or a Conquer the World competition where players get to keep the countries the beat in a game.

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